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Teaser - Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life - Jon Lee Anderson

Fragment din cartea Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life de Jon Lee Anderson:
    As Oltuski recalled, Che was away when they arrived, and they were received by one of his young bodyguards, Olo Pantoja. As an act of courtesy, Pantoja offered them some goat meat, which they noticed was already green with rot. So as not to offend, they each tried a bite, a decision Oltuski immediately regretted: overcome by nausea, he discreetly went outside and spat out his mouthful. When Che returned at midnight and settled down before the meal, Oltuski watched with horrified fascination.
    “As he spoke,” Oltuski wrote, “he took the pieces of meat with dirty fingers. Judging from the relish with which he ate, it tasted gloriously to him. He finished eating and we went outside. ... Che handed out cigars. They were rough, no doubt made in the zone by some guajiro . I inhaled the bitter and strong smoke: I felt a warmth in my body and a light dizziness. To my side, Che smoked and coughed, a damp cough, as if he was all wet inside. He smelled bad. He stank of decomposed sweat. It was a penetrating odor and I fought it with the tobacco smoke. ... Che and Marcelo had some verbal wrangles. Among other things, they argued over the program of the 26 of July. ...
    “When we were on our way back, Marcelo asked me: ‘What do you think?’
    “‘In spite of everything, one can’t help admiring him. He knows what he wants better than we do. And he lives entirely for it.’” 
Si asta e si impresia mea finala (nu despre carte, despre personaj): I can't help admiring him. Sa fie insa clar: il admir dar nu il aprob. Nu numai ca a nenorocit Cuba cu comunismul, dar nu mult a lipsit sa nenoroceasca intreaga planeta cu un razboi atomic. Si cu toate astea... in spite of everything, one can’t help admiring him....


Inca niste citate, despre umorul lui Che Guevara, care m-a surprins in Jurnalul pe motocicleta  - si care l-a surprins si pe Goodwin, secretarul lui Kennedy, cand a avut o intrevedere cu temutul guerrillero.

Inainte de a deveni comandante Che Guevara, tanarul Ernesto pare sa fi fost genul care facea haz de orice, chiar si de ce avea el mai scump:
Writing to Celia about his infant daughter, he gave a new twist to a father’s pride. “My Communist soul expands plethorically,” he said. “She has come out exactly like Mao Tse-tung. Even now, the incipient bald spot in the middle of the head can be noted, the compassionate eyes of the boss and his protuberant jowls; for now she weighs less than the leader, five kilos, but with time this will even out.” 
(Celia [de la Serna] era mama lui Che; fetita lui Che "semana" cu Mao pentru ca mostenise ochii de chinezoaica de la mama ei, prima lui sotie, o peruana metisa.)

Dupa ce a ajuns inalt oficial al regimului cubanez,  a devenit desigur mai retinut, in special in public, dar uneori tot mai rabufnea, ca de pilda intr-o vizita oficiala in Indonezia:
    In Djakarta, Che fell in with a congenial compatriot, the Argentine ambassador, who regaled him with stories about Sukarno’s sybaritic lifestyle: how he lived like a monarch and maintained a harem of women of different nationalities. His current favorite, Che was told, was a Russian woman, a “gift” from Nikita Khrushchev. When Che went to Sukarno’s palace for a meeting, the Argentine envoy went along as his interpreter. Sukarno insisted on showing off his private collection of paintings, and the tour went on and on. Pardo could tell that Che was getting restless. Finally, Che broke his silence: “Well, Mr. Sukarno, in this entire tour we still haven’t seen the little Russian girl, who they say is the best thing in your collection.” Fortunately, Sukarno didn’t understand Spanish. The Argentine ambassador nearly fainted with shock and disbelief, but recovered in time to invent a question about the Indonesian economy. 
Iar in cartea lui Che despre expeditia din Congo, "povestea unui esec", desi isi face cat se poate de serios autocrtica, tot i se intampla sa alunece spre haz de necaz si autoderiziune, ca in tinerete in Jurnalul pe motocicleta:
On top of everything else, malaria as well as gastroenteritis continued to plague the Cubans. Che was also afflicted, as he wrote with black humor: “In my field diary I had recorded the statistics, in my case, of more than 30 depositions [defecations] in 24 hours, until the rigors of my runs vanquished my scientific spirit. How many more there were, only the bush knows.” 
Mi se pare foarte diferit de liderii nostri comunisti din Europa de Est, cel putin din unele puncte de vedere. Din pacate existau totusi si asemanari, cu radacini ideologice - dar despre latura lui intunecata am scris in "recnezia" cartii citate.

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